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Garrett Vatcher

The SEO Marketing Consultant

Search Engine Optimization Strategy

  • On Page SEO: Code, Interlinking, Content
  • Off Page SEO: Link Development
  • Technical SEO: Code, Speed, Web Vitals
  • Strategic SEO Page Optimization

  • Competitive Landscape Mapping
  • SEO Content Roadmap
  • Page, Link, Keyword Gap Analysis and Positioning recommendations
  • SEO Taxonomy optimization, internal linking, anchor text, page type & folder structure audit
  • CRO (conversion rate optimization) integration

SEO Strategy

  • Look for Organic Non-Brand Ranking Growth
    As the indicator for a SEO job well done. 

  • Indexation & Market Penetration
    New content needs to be recognized and easily crawled before it contributes to your bottom line. 

  • Enterprise Grade Technical Analysis
    Critical for eCommerce, IT, SaaS, Patient Portals, Multi-Location & International sites.  

  • Content & Link Gap Analysis
    Scope your competitors, distribute more content, make it better, and you'll get the search engine traffic. 

  • How is Your Brand earning EAT?
    Expertise: Produce prolific content related to your vitally important keywords.


    Authority: Produce value to Influencers, build links to your site.


    Trust: Review your top keyword competition, profile their site links and capture a comparable number of high DA (Domain Authority) TF (Trust Flow) links. 

  • Conversion Rate Optimization
    Is easily maximized with proper SEO feed

  • Develop SEO Objectives & Key Results

    Utilize precious resources wisely to win on keywords that create Net Profit. 

Strategic SEO Mistakes to Avoid:

  • Undervalue SEO

    The first step to systematic SEO is to build a broad keyword tracking universe to learn, capture and strategize for new opportunities. Recurring SEO valuation is key to pivoting & responding to the pulse of the market. 


  • Spread content out too thin or make common Taxonomy mistakes that systematically duplicate content

    Websites step on their own toes with competing internal pages. 


  • Wait to Optimize Web Vitals & Page Experience

    Contents' effect will be wasted if your code is unoptimized.


  • Value Content Over Connections

    Content should lead to a healthier bottom line. Producing Content is Not the same as Content that Produces. Unless your goal is impressions, zero in on the long tail is usually the quickest path to SEO success. 


Very Important for

Every Brand