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Garrett Vatcher

The SEO Marketing Consultant

Search Engine Optimization Content

  • Generate New Business
  • Build an Organic Growth Engine
  • Be Known as a Thought Leader
  • Maximize your Conversion Rate
  • Rank Better
  • Distribute long and short form content, integrate with social media & SEM.
  • Think of Content as the solution to a Search.

SEO Content Best Practices:

  • To Win at SEO Deploy a Robust Content Calendar 
    Scope your competitors, distribute more content, make it better, and you'll get the search engine traffic. 

  • Quantity Over Quality

    Start or branch out with Multiple Formats, Double Down on Winners. 

  • Expert Content & Citations = Very Important
    Be the Goat in your Zone. EAT (expertise, authority & trust) is an acronym that's very important to Google and the more EA & T, the higher the rankings and the more Traffic. 

  • Find Partners for Content & Link Building 
    Co-Content producers and Local Authorities will link to your website and Build Your SEO. 


    Collaborate with Industry & Community Leaders.

  • Develop Content Templates & Repeat

    Implement time and time again.


    Counter-narrative opinions - exploring why the status quo is wrong or flawed.


    Personal narrative - sharing your own lived experiences.


    Network connections - sharing the experiences of people within your network.


    Industry analysis - using uour knowledge to add context to industry events.


    Data storytelling - revealing the insights hidden within data—yours, or publicly available data.


    Community Engagement - use forums, social media, free and paid surveys to personify your audience and engage with Your Community, broadcasting those learning interactions and shared sentiments.


    Tell your story and shre your vision.


    Solve a painful customer problem.


    Showcase your expertise in a key area.


    Integrate Call To Actions, List Building & Retargeting to Capture secondary benefits. 


  • Content can be enhanced by:

    Building a mailing list for 1:1 engagement with readers

    Pairing articles with lead generation assets

    Repurposing core ideas into new content

    Structuring SEO content in a hub and spoke

    Partnering with complementary companies

  • Experts recommend a baseline of four articles per month 
    Experiment fast.

    Accelerate compounding of organic traffic.

Content SEO Mistakes to Avoid:

  • Not having a strategy.

    Target audience, distribution channel and concrete business objectives.

  • Lack of focus on a primary goal.

    Content works best when targeted at a single objective (lead gen, awareness, direct sales, links, etc.)

  • Be afraid to showcase more vulnerability 
    It's the beginning of trust and entertainment with your audience. 

  • Underproduce Content 
    Competitors have bottlenecks too, but the ones that produce the most relevant topical &/or local content generally have the most SEO traffic.

  • Don't Work in a Vacuum

    No One can do it all. Decentralize content development to avoid Bottlenecks. 


    Pro Tips: Incentivize Employees to contribute to Brand content with their unique intelligence, experience & network.  

  • Failing to differentiate.

    Content marketing is crowded, so it’s essential to offer value above and beyond the existing content.

  • Giving up too soon.

    Content marketing takes months of sustained effort to work at maximum efficacy… but eventually generates traffic at zero marginal cost.