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"Local SEO is literally on the map yet often overlooked... it's usually an untapped Goldmine"


Garrett Vatcher

The SEO Marketing Consultant

Why Local SEO?

  • 46% of All searches are Local 
  • 50% of local searches on mobile lead visitors to a store within one day.
  • 78% of local mobile searches result in offline purchases.
  • The Google Local 3-pack appears in 93% of searches with local intent.​
  • Every location in your zone of commerce has a personalized Local Search Results
  • 18% of local mobile searches lead to a sale within one day
  • 50% of local mobile searches are looking for a local business address.

Local SEO Ranking Factors

  • #1 = PROXIMITY
    The Most important ranking factor and the reason it's so difficult to capture Local SEO visitors away from competing locations which happen to be closer to the user. 

  • Relevance to the Search & Prominence of Business
    These ranking factors can outweigh distance. 

  • Google Maps Profile Optimization
    Verification, Integration, Embedding, Citation Building

  • Citations & Links
    Name, Address, Phone number & website cited and linked on other websites crawled by Google. 

  • Posts from Google My Business Profile
    Best Practice: use Maps profile posting just like social media but test out strong Call To Actions. 

  • Maps Ads
    Not an Organic Ranking factor but often the Lowest Hanging Fruit for Immediate local visitors. 

  • Use Keywords in Primary Category, Business Title, Reviews
    Additional GMB categories, anchor text on inbound links.

  • Reviews

    Google review count and review score factor into local search ranking. More reviews and positive ratings can improve your business' local ranking. -

Local SEO Mistakes to Avoid

  • Miss Out on a First Impression...Or Visitor
    For immediate traction, Paid Ads are a must. Target Competitor Brands, Categories, Primary and Secondary keywords. 

  • Variance in Citations
    Match Name, Address, Phone number, and Website Address across all domains and directories.

  • Only tracking Local SEO Ranking from 1 Location.
    Every street corner can have different Maps results on search! Keywords should be tracked from 100's of applicable City locations. 

  • Not having a Negative Review Mitigation Plan
    Friction, Learnings, Replies, Incentives & Dillution.

  • Missing the Opportunity to Build Mobile & Email List

    Double & Triple Customer Lifetime Value & repeat business by offering Local SEO traffic immediate Opt In Call To Actions.  

  • Use Spam links or low quality citations

    These can actually be a danger to rankings.

  • Miss out on Very Ready Visitors without Live Chat

    Local searchers are Bottom of the Funnel visitors and willing to take action.  Automated response and pivoting to building lists are good workarounds with limited resources. 

Very Important

 for Brick & Mortars, Local Retail, Professional Services & any business with a Google Maps Profile.